IMG_0313-coffee-webIf you’re looking for help to grow your business and develop your team, or even if you are faced with a crisis, for any of these things, we can get your company and team up to the challenge. We will empower you to produce unprecedented results.

At the Katie Show for 11.4.13Bill coached and facilitated the creation of a plan that enabled my company to grow and to get acquired. I highly recommend him!
– Amy Yoffie, VP LiveWorld/TalkCity & Pres. Research Connections, Inc.

Whether you are looking to grow your business or to develop your own leadership, we can help you:

  • Develop your people and expand your business, launch a new division, tackle tough projects, or release new products, for all these things we believe in getting started. We have little patience for inaction because we know that if a CEO or entrepreneur waits for a “better time,” they will never take the first step.
  • Manage crisis. We know that most stories have a good ending, and this helps us navigate through tough times. Whether it is a family tragedy or a business crisis, we are the best one to have on your side. We create crystal-clear focus and help you regain stability.
  • Discover purpose or restore inspiration. We know that most challenges and barriers don’t occur to people as inspiring peaks to conquer. They occur as steep grades—painful and slow burns that seem endless. We will help you turn these steep grades into inspiring mountains to climb. If you need to find time for fun and play, if your romantic relationship is suffering, or if you need to give your career purpose, we can help you restore your inspiration so that you want to address the challenges.

KevinBalestrieri.HomeTeam.Front_Bill Gallagher got me to discover what really matters to me in work and life, in a way that left me moved, inspired, and taking new action. After putting these new ideas and strategies into action with my team, my business has tripled in size.
– Kevin Balistrieri, CEO Bali Construction


coaching sessionAll engagements begin with a free assessment. We get to know you and your challenges, while you get comfortable with us. Our coaching and advising is intended to produce a fast return on your investment. We engage 2 ways:

  1. Growth Coaching  – Coaching leadership teams on implementation of the Four Decisions and Rockefeller Habits 2.0 from Verne Harnish. More info here.
  2. Gazelles Groups  – Affordable group training and coaching for smaller companies. Limited space and dates available. More info here.
  3. Executive Coaching – One to One coaching for key executives on development or crisis management, from 3 months to one year.

Our Workshop schedule is here for Scaling Up!

Schedule a complimentary assessment to see how our approach might work for you: or call us direct at +1-510-295-4422

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