With an unmistakable mixture of openness, humor, and energy, Bill Gallagher delivers consistently over 90% average ratings.   He has given hundreds of keynotes and workshops for many thousands of people, over a 28 year period on leadership, strategy, and marketing.

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Bill’s powerful topics address powerful leadership for business:

  1. Scaling Up – Four Decisions and The Rockefeller Habits
  2. Coaching for Performance  – Taking your people to new levels
  3. Finding Your Voice – Developing a powerfully authentic speaking style
  4. Living in the Zone – Bringing your best to every area of life

We are proud to work with some great organizations worldwide:

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Working with Bill on your event:

  • bill on mic_ppWe will always be easy and prompt to communicate and work with
  • We can flat rate travel expenses or include it in our fee, as fits your needs
  • We will customize and tailor to your audience and theme
  • We are masters of technical details, production, and preparation
  • We can adapt our style and delivery to very large or small audiences
  • You will never be surprised or embarrassed for choosing us
  • We will entertain, inspire, challenge, and engage your audience every time

Typical room and A/V requests:

  • Music stand or nothing preferred over podium
  • Small table behind or to side speaker, with bottled water
  • Tall stool for sessions over 1 hour
  • Flipchart and markers
  • Screen and projector for visuals, either VGA or HDMI, & power outlet
  • Wireless lavalier mic and handlheld for audience in rooms of 35+
  • Raised stage for rooms 50+, with center step(s) to walk into audience
  • Audience seated in even number rows or tables for conversation in pairs
  • Assistance to hand out any materials on cue

Raw Video Samples

Highlights from Scaling Up:

Raw Keynote, 30 minutes:

Short length talk, 18 minutes:

Breakout workshop, 60 minute session with interactions trimmed:

Call or email Bill directly at: +1-510-409-4089 or bill@humanisteq.com

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