Founder Bill Gallagher is the son of a linguistics professor. As a child, he learned three languages and lived around the world. He moved from California to Hawaii, Barcelona, Zurich, Jerusalem, and even lived the back of a VW camper for a time.

This means that he has a rare ability to find a “common language” among diverse groups of people. He is able to appreciate different perspectives, alter his own language accordingly, and then find the common thread that can bring a group together. No matter their own background, everyone who works with us is trained in this style.

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For instance, Bill Gallagher once led a series of workshops in Bangkok that included Thai entrepreneurs and Buddhist nuns. Much of the workshops were conducted through interpreters. Bill was able to find common ground and speak into the shared concerns and values of Thai entrepreneurs and Buddhist nuns. Every trainer facilitator we select and train has experience in finding common ground.

Most importantly, perhaps, is our ability to encourage a group to buy into a shared vision.

facilitationAs your meeting facilitator or trainer, we will help you:

  1. Design the meeting holistically. With your desired outcomes in mind, we’ll work backwards from those outcomes, customizing the form, content, and location to fulfill your goals and reach your outcomes.
  2. Select a location. The wrong location can get in the way of your intended outcome, so we help you find the perfect spot that creates the conditions for a memorable and powerful meeting.
  3. Finally, we’ll execute your program or meeting and then follow up after to ensure a positive impact on the group.

0c6412d“Bill Gallagher has a great intuitive understand of the needs of high-performance groups and can help bring out deep and powerful content and sharing from group members. I highly recommend them for any group sharing retreats and experiences, team building sessions, as well as individual and group performance coaching.” —Dan Mytels, Entrepreneur & Member, EO, San Francisco

We deliver programs for:

Scaling Up and the Rockefeller Habits, Performance CoachingLeadership Skills development, and retreats.

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